Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 Golf Putter Grip w/ CounterCore Backweight

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The CounterCore Legacy putter grips are Super Stroke's original patented design with the addition of CounterCore Technology.

CounterCore allows golfers to fine-tune the feel of their putter. They also feature No Taper Technology as well as Cross-Traction surface texture to help you with a smooth, consistent, and reliable putting stroke.

  • CounterCore technology allows you to fine-tune the feel of your putter
  • Adjustable CounterCore weighting helps reduce face angle rotation and improves path for a more consistent and reliable stroke
  • Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for a great comfortable feel
  • Lightweight EVA foams allows for a lighter weight grip in a larger footprint to maximize feel
  • No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke
  • The Cross-Traction surface texture helps create a more consistent non-slip grip
  • 50g CounterCore weight and wrench included along with aluminum cap, for those who prefer no weight (25g and 75g weights also available for purchase separately)
  • Diameter:  1.20"
  • Length:  10.5"
  • Weight:  64g
  • Core:  0.58"
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