Bionic PerformanceGrip Pro Men's Golf Glove

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PerformanceGrip Pro

The new Bionic PerformanceGrip Pro Golf Gloves were designed for the competitive golfer by an orthopedic hand specialist, and are Bionic's most feature-rich glove to date!

The patented natural fit technology provides superior feel with a golf club, and the premium Cabretta leather construction ensures comfort. Terrycloth pads inside the glove are strategically-placed to promote a light grip and absorb perspiration to keep hands cool and dry. Dual expansion zones for length and width on the thumb allow for better comfort and fit.

Enhanced Comfort & Flex:  Elongated 3-D flexion zones stretch more freely, where common natural creases occur in the finger and the palm, to better imitate the flexing motion of the hand. This delivers a better feel on the club and enhanced comfort.

Instant Flexibility:  Seams on the side of the finger have been repositioned to a "neutral zone" of motion, so they don't inhibit glove flexibility. This, combined with the extended 3-D flexion zones and the pre-rotated finger design, give the glove an instant "broken-in" feel.

Lighter Grip:  The Triple-Row Finger Grip System evens out the surface of the hand for a lighter grip to help increase distance and accuracy.

Moisture Management:  Breathable leather, Lycra positioned between the fingers, and 15 strategically placed "mini Terrycloth towels" inside the glove help absorb perspiration, keeping hands cool and dry.

Durability:  The Triple-Row Finger Grip System and the washable, top-grade Cabretta leather helps create a glove that lasts round after round.

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