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Golf fans were asked to how to improve the game and the answers are hilarious

Posted by Yarina on

A new poll found that golfers think more nudity and free alcohol would make the game better. Are you surprised?

The poll was conducted during the RBC Heritage golf tournament at the Harbour Town Golf Links. Here are some of the answers:

“If the golfers could play with no shirts on.”

“Food trucks.”

“Free water. Somebody’s going to die out here.”

“Mist fans.”

“Less expensive drinks. Or some kind of deal.”

“Nudity. Any form of nudity.”

“If girls could get free booze.”

"Have free beer at all golf courses.”

But not all the interviewees were drunk. Here is what some more sober people said:

“Make sure the temperature’s warm and it’s always sunny.”

“Start younger, play longer.”

Other interviewees, presumably with a higher brain cell count, mentioned that there is a behavioral and lifestyle component that is hurting the game: people don't have as much free time to unwind and spend a few hours on the course.

Other suggestions aimed to speed up the game, which could make it more appealing to a wider range of people. Making it ok to play only 9 holes and getting rid of some rules could achieve this goal. Playing a little less and enjoying it more could be the winning combination to help golf make a comeback.

But free booze and nudity would do the trick too.

This non-scientific poll was conducted by David Lauderdale at The State Newspaper.

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