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When should you replace your wedges?

Posted by Yarina Valverde on

We get attached to people and things. In golf, having a favorite or a "lucky" club is not uncommon. But at which point could old Wilson be hurting your performance? The Vokey Team at Titleist got geeky about answering this question and they have a number for you.

wedge testing team

With the help of a wedge robot (and no, we don't mean your weird friend that knows way too much about wedges, this is an actual robotic wedge), the Vokey Team tested 3 different levels of groove wear on the SM6 wedges to analyze the impact in shot performance. 

Jordan Spieth says he changes his 60 degree every few tournaments and the rest every couple months. He plays with four Vokey wedges.

¨Every golfer, on a daily basis, doesn't need to be switching their wedges out that often, but we do need to provide them a benchmark of when they need to start investigating their wedges and when they should consider switching them out.¨ 

- Jeremy Stone, Director of Marketing

The results of wedge testing

The tests were made with the help of our wedge robot (we'll call him Wedgie), which was used to simulate a ctual hits and give us a very well used wedge, a 75-round wedge and a 125-round wedge. The relevant variables they were looking to measure were: lie angle, speed and rollout.

The following are the results for both of the used wedges and a brand new one:

125 rounds of play

125 rounds of play wedge results

24 ft of rollout

Results: 35 degrees, 6500 RPM, 24 feet of rollout

75 rounds of play wedge

75 rounds of play test results

18 feet of rollout

Results: 24 degrees, 7700 RPM, 18 feet of rollout

New wedge with fresh grooves

fresh grooves test results

10 feet of rollout

Results: 33 degrees, 8500 RPM, 10 feet of rollout

The Magic Number

Repeating this experiment for all the levels between 0 and 75 rounds is too time consuming and the lesson is clear: your wedges wear out and worn grooves can have a big impact on your ability to have a good game, probably more than you thought it was possible. The optimum time to switch your wedges might vary depending on each individual, of course, but at least we have a benchmark that we can start using to be more systematic about our wedge maintenance: 75.

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