The Putting Chronicles Ep. 1: The Turkeys of #6

The Putting Chronicles Ep. 1: The Turkeys of #6

Posted by Conor Drumm on May 16th 2016

Date: Sunday May 15, 2016

Course: Dairy Creek Golf Course

2990 Dairy Creek Rd, SLO, CA, 93405

Weather: Sunny / mid-70s / Slightly windy

Handicap/Tees/Slope/Score: 12.6/Blues/128/85

My name is Conor Drumm, and I’ll be your guide as we play our way through the Central Coast – and maybe beyond! For a little background on myself:

  • I’m 25 years old, and have been golfing since I was about 5. Although I’ve started playing seriously (2x a week) only in the last year or so, I’ve always fostered a strong love for the game.
  • I am currently a 12.6 Index with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA). I’d call myself a mid-handicapper, putting myself somewhere around the average Handicap Index for men.
  • Although I know I’m not a high-level golfer, and shouldn’t be expecting anywhere near Tiger-level production, I still find that my attitude is the aspect of my game in need of the most work. I think this is a fairly universal diagnosis. Due to the nature of the game – you’re on your own, no teammates to pick you up, every shot requires meticulous precision – golfers have a tendency to put themselves in a bad mental state. And from there, things only spiral out of control. So one of my big focuses as of late has been simply enjoying the game. Letting the bad shots go. Cracking open a beer and laughing with my playing partner over that atrocious 3-putt I just had. These are the little things that not only make the game itself more fun, but will honestly help you shoot better scores. And, so, this will also be one of my focuses for this segment – how I’m finding fun in each round. Welcome aboard!

Round Recap


The only word I could manage to spit out was dripping with exasperation, anger, and a good helping of incredulous disbelief. I’d just put my tee shot on #13 at Dairy Creek Golf Club a hair past pin-high, only to forget entirely the mechanics of good – no, even decent – putting. Another par-3 Green in Regulation (GIR), another 3-putt! If there were a body of water nearby (say, for instance, on #8 when the first par-3 GIR/3-Putt happened), I’m pretty sure I would have been wading around with the ducks trying to find my flat stick.

But isn’t that the most beautiful thing about the game of golf? Would there really be any magic without the disappointments? Without first having experienced chunk after slice after choke after 3-putt, how could you appreciate the feeling of THE shot. We all know what THE shot feels like. A connection so pure, a swing so on point, that you just know your ball is going to do exactly what you intended.

So today, I’m writing to you after a wonderful round at Dairy Creek Golf Course. The weather was absolutely fantastic, the wildlife was out (I’ve never come across a group of spectators so disrespectful as the group of turkeys walking in my line on #6 green!), and I’m pretty darn happy with my round – even with those two meltdown greens. Just goes to show you: Even on a bad day golfing… You’re still golfing.

Course Recap

Ever since moving to SLO somewhere around 7 years ago, I’ve considered Dairy Creek to be my home golf course (as well as having it serve as my actual “Home” course for my NCGA profile). Now, if you’ve been in the area for some time, you probably know of Dairy Creek – though you may have tried avoiding it in the past. For years, Dairy was in pretty rough shape – dry, hard, patchy greens. But in the last 6 months, the course has come alive again, and I now consider it in the best shape in the area – and also my favorite to play again. The generous (compared to the last couple seasons) rainfall of the winter and early spring has given the course its color back, making Dairy playable again – but still always a challenge.

The turkeys on Hole #6 seem to have forgotten their golf etiquette – stop standing on my line!

The turkeys on Hole #6 seem to have forgotten their golf etiquette – stop standing on my line!

Hole #17 is a 477 yard, dog-leg left, par-5 beauty. I was this close to being on in two and giving myself a look at eagle! Walked away with a birdie, thankfully!