Bushnell Golf Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder w/ JOLT Technology

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Bushnell Golf Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder w/ JOLT Technology


The world's ultimate golf laser rangefinder for the avid golfer.

All of Bushnell Golf's industry-leading laser rangefinder innovations are packed into the Pro X2:  Tour-trusted Slope-Switch Technology engages Bushnell Golf's patented Slope Technology to give the golfer compensated distance based on the hole's incline/decline - and turns off for a USGA-conforming device when needed. There's PinSeeker with JOLT Technology to eliminate any doubt that you have locked onto the flag. All of it is wrapped in fully-waterproof metal housing to give the golfer the ultimate golf laser rangefinder.

Slope-Switch Technology:  Slope-Switch technology lets the golfer easily toggle in and out of our patented Slope function. This allows the golfer to conveniently utilize Slope to get compensated distances around the course when they want it and have a USGA conforming device that is legal for tournament play when they need it.

Dual Display Technology (DDT):  Exclusive to the Pro X2. With the simple press of the Mode button, Dual Display Technology allows the user to easily toggle between a bright red vivid display or sharp black display based on lighting conditions or personal preference.

PinSeeker with JOLT Technology:  PinSeeker with JOLT provides the golfer with short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. JOLT Technology removes all doubt. Feel the exact distance, feel the JOLT.

Slope Compensation:  The technology of tour domination. Slope compensation calculates and adjusts yardage depending on the degree of slope.

  • Rubber armored metal housing
  • IPX7 fully waterproof
  • Accurate to a 1/2 yard
  • Ranges 5-1,300 yards (450+ yards to a flag)
  • 6x magnification
  • 2nd generation E.S.P.
  • Fast focus system
  • Stable-grip technology
  • Carrying case and battery included
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