Callaway 2018 Superhot Golf Balls

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Callaway 2018 Superhot Golf Balls
Super long distance with great spin and control. The new for 2018 Superhot Golf Ball is a super long distance ball with great short game spin and control.
  • Long Distance From Tee-to-Green: The aerodynamic design is built for low drag and optimal lift that keeps the ball in the air longer with a strong flight. This is how you get long distance off the driver, and all the way through your short irons.
  • Increased Short Game Spin & Control: Superhot combines a 3-piece construction and a soft cover to deliver increased spin and control around the green.
  • Superhot Bold: New Superhot Bold options are available in a Matte finish: Yellow, Red, or Orange.
  • Ball Type: 3-Piece ; Cover Material: Ionomer ; Pattern: HEX Aerodynamics
  • 15 Count = 5 Sleeves of 3 Balls
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