Callaway X2 Hot Staff Umbrella

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Callaway X2 Hot Staff Umbrella

TheCallaway X2 Hot 64 single canopy umbrella keeps the rain at bay. Built Callaway tough to give you maximum rainy day or sunny day UV protection, with a large coverage area, reinforced with a rigid frame constructed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, and sported in the latest X2 Hot vibrant colors and graphics - the new Callaway X2 Hot 64 umbrella will have you every inch Callaway covered no matter the elements.

Five Key Features:

  • 64-Inch Single Canopy

  • Robust Frame

  • Fiberglass Shaft

  • Ergonomic, Non-Slip Molded Handle

  • Custom X2 Hot and Callaway Logo Panels

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer:Callaway

  • Large 64 single canopy for maximum protection
  • Automatic push button operation
  • Tension cables to prevent canopy inverting
  • Callaway and X2 Hot logos on upper panel
  • Fiberglass shaft
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