Golf Pride MCC Classic ALIGN Golf Club Grip - White/Black - Midsize

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Golf Pride MCC Classic ALIGN Golf Club Grip - White/Black - Midsize

Consistent hand placement. Consistent results.

The first step in hitting your target line is alignment. Optimize feel and accuracy throughout your swing by fitting your club with a Golf Pride MCC ALIGN Grip. ALIGN Technology combines a red raised ridge down the back of the grip and contrasting visual cues to heighten clubface awareness and alignment consistency. The black velvet cord provides firm, all-weather control for the upper hand, while the high-performance rubber provides superior comfort and responsiveness for the lower hand.

Raised Ridge:  When installed on a shaft, the red ridge rises and extends down the back of the grip to aid better hand alignment and more consistency, locking the hands in place every time. Heightened club face awareness throughout the swing promotes a square club face both at address and impact.

Micro-Diamond Texture:  A distinctive ridge texture for consistent hand positioning.

Carved Channels:  Flex channel separates the ALIGN Technology ridge from the grip body to maximize elevation lift and lock the grip into the fingers.

Firmer Material:  Raised ridge is 50% firmer durometer than surrounding grip area to amplify its pronounced feel.

  • Weight:  62g
  • Core:  60 Align
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