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Lamkin Sink Squared Putter Grip (Black/White, 13")

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Lamkin Sink Squared Putter Grip (Black/White, 13")
Made with a super lightweight rubber for a more responsive feel, the new SINK putter grips feature a pronounced curved-handle profile to promote proper wrist alignment for a more fluid and consistent putting stroke.
  • Three distinctive textures offer an ideal surface that feels comfortable and secure in all moisture conditions.
  • Precisely designed patterns provide golfers with an effective hand position reference to promote improved putting consistency and confidence.
  • The pronounced pistol profile ensures the upper hand is positioned in a more relaxed and stress-reducing angle. With this alignment, the wrists are stabilized and movement is inhibited, allowing for a more fluid and consistent stroke guided by the upper arms and shoulders.
  • Super lightweight rubber (29% lighter than traditional rubber)
  • The squared shape features a flat top and thinner profile, ideal for 'feel-based' players looking for maximum feedback and shot control.
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